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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Ever since I retired five years ago from a thirty five year career teaching elementary art, I have been sad that all my experience and knowledge just ended.  I no longer wanted to be tied down to a schedule and a 40 plus hour work week, but I still wanted to share my knowledge with others. Upon retiring, I gave away or threw away  all my files. My husband would have flipped out had I carted all that stuff home. As my daughter put it after helping organize at the end of one school year, “Mom, you’re a work hoarder!!!!!!” I think my principal would have agreed. In the past five years, I have managed to reproduce said files on Pinterest. If you check out my massive Pinterest account under the name Criscophebes, you’ll see my art teacher hoarding habit hasn’t changed. Considering my 11,216 pins, I clearly haven’t gotten the art teaching bug out of my system. I want to do something more. I’ve been wrestling for a while now about starting a blog.

I know what you’re thinking. There are a bazillion blogs out there and you would be right. I’m hoping that I can offer something a little different. I spent most of my time integrating the 3 Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) and the 2 Ss (social studies and science) into my art program. Why, you ask? It all began when the art department gave us a set of visuals to correlate with social studies units. Then, I took a course about the brain. It seems that the brain  only retains information that it has something to attach to. A lightbulb went off in my head. If I correlate with things that go on in the classroom, the students may just retain my curriculum better. This became my mantra for teaching and it paid off. The last three years of my teaching career, I was chosen to be part of a pilot program on Arts Integration. I was a natural candidate since I’d been teaching that way for years. So, I began helping classroom teachers integrate visual art into their curriculums.

As a classroom teacher, you have way too much on your plate. The powers that be keep adding things on and never seem to take anything away. Arts integration is just one more thing. You don’t have hours to search for ways to integrate art into your curriculum. That’s where I come in. I’ll do the work for you. My goal is to create a one stop shop to integrate visual art into the classroom. I can lead you to concise internet lessons that correlate with classroom curriculum. I hope you will give my blog and ideas a chance.

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