ABC Art Cards

Possible Classroom Concepts: Language Arts – Letter Recognition

Mathematics – Number Recognition

Possible Art Concepts: Art History


I’ve talked in the past about my love for Art Page-A-Day Gallery Calendars and Art 365 Days of Masterpieces Desk Calendars. I’ve been buying them for several years. And being the art hoarder that I am, I just couldn’t bring myself to recycle them. Then I got to thinking, when my girls were in preschool, they would study one letter of the alphabet each week. In that week, they would investigate each letter using all their senses. They would even make an artwork to symbolize each letter. At the end of the year, all the artworks were compiled into an alphabet art book. With this in mind, I thought artwork ABC cards might be useful to preschool and kindergarten teachers. If students are going to look at images depicting different letters of the alphabet, why not I spy them in famous artworks?  So, I went about creating three art card sets from my daily calendar pages, one set for each of my preschool teacher friends. 

Now, I have to say this was quite a time consuming task, that you might not wish to tackle. If that’s the case, do I have a solution for you. The Metropolitan Museum of Art just so happens to have published The Museum ABC Book which includes four artworks for each alphabet letter. So, the individual pages can be shared during each letter’s special week. Or the book can be read as a review at the end of the letter unit. In my teaching days, I often used Norman Rockwell’s Americana abc to review the alphabet and study Norman Rockwell.

The Met also published Museum 123 which can be used for number recognition.

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