Holiday Gifts For Your Classroom

As Black Friday approaches, all minds seem to be on gift giving. Why not gift your classroom, children, grandchildren, and/or friend’s children with a gift of an art book?  I would and do.  Listed below are some of my favorite books that would be excellent additions to an Arts Integration classroom library.

Art Medium (Technique)Books

The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas, The Usborne Complete Book of Art Projects, The Usborne Complete Book of Art Skills, The Usborne Pocket Artist (It contains all the Usborne drawing books in one. Very economical! An added bonus, it has internet links.)

Art History Books

Cave Paintings to Picasso– The Inside Scoop on 50 Masterpieces by  Henry Sayre is a great book with large reproductions and a short anecdote about each image. Usborne The Children’s Book of Art breaks art down into themes and shows examples of art works depicting said themes. It also has internet links.

The Perfect Combination – Art History Plus Art Activities

The following books were written by Penny King and published by Crabtree Publishing in 1997. They are kind of hard to find, but an excellent resource if you can get your hands on them.  Amazon carries used copies as low as $.01 plus $3.99 shipping. As you can see, the themes of these books align nicely teaching units.

Stories (Artists’ Workshop) , Myths and Legends (Artists’ Workshop) , Landscapes (Artists’ Workshop), Sports and Games (Artists’ Workshop) , Animals (Artists’ Workshop) 

Over the years, the Usborne art books have evolved. They began writing a book series highlighting an artist and pairing them with previously published art techniques. I love these books. I gift them all the time. Usborne My Very First Art Book and My Very First Art Famous Paintings are great for preschoolers and primary students. The Usborne Art Treasury is perfect for intermediate students. If I could get just one book, I’d get one from this group.

Check these out online. I think you’ll be impressed.

Hope you’ll drop by again soon!


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