Holiday Card Tradition

Possible Classroom Concepts: Language Arts – Writing/ Communication ( Greeting Cards), Social Studies – History (Victorian Times), Family Traditions

Possible Art Concepts: Art Careers – Graphic Art (Greeting Card Designer)

In my last two posts, I discussed artistic forms of communication and their history. (books and postcards) With the holidays approaching, I thought I’d talk about the holiday card tradition. Holiday communication began in Victorian times when students would write end of year letters to their parents. These letters would give parents an update of their academic progress and give hints for gifts as a reward. The first commercial Christmas card was produce by Sir Henry Cole in 1843.


Read more about the boys written notes and the story behind this first card here:

What kind of writing are you currently teaching in your class? How might the students infuse this skill into a greeting card? Look here for lots of teaching themes and creative ideas to incorporate greeting card making into your curriculum.

Love this post with all the different media you can use to make the cards.

40 Homemade Cards for Kids to Make

So, whether you are teaching family holiday traditions, writing or both, this post may be for you.

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