From The Pet’s Point Of View

Possible Classroom Concepts: Pets

Language Arts: Literature and Writing – Point of View

Possible Art Room Concepts: Art History – Henri Matisse and Gustav Klimt

For the past three blog posts, I’ve been covering pets in the art world. Today, we’re going to allow the artist’s pets show us around their world. First let’s follow Raoudi, the dog, as he gives us tour of Henri Matisse’s studio. If you read my last post you’ll remember, Matisse also painted “The Goldfish, 1912”.

Next, follow Katze, the cat, through Gustave Klimt’s world in this picture book

Klimt and His Cat by Berenice Capatti

Nude Alert! This book has some nudes in it’s illustrations and in the examples of Klimt’s work at the end of the book. Klimt uses ¬†assorted pattern in his model’s clothing. You could cover the nude areas with patterned paper doll like clothing, simply not show those pages or show the following youtube video instead. This instructor has cropped out any nudes.

After sharing one of the previous posts, how about prompting your students to write a biography from their pet’s point of view. What would their pets say?


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