Who makes up a family?

In the last few posts, we have been looking at families and some of the ways artists depict them. We’ve looked at the mother and child theme, also family activities. In this post, we will look at who makes up a family.

Possible Classroom Concepts: Social Studies – Family, Who makes up a family?

Possible Art Concepts: Art History – William H. Johnson

Portraits ( Single and Group)


African American artist, William H. Johnson, explored the family dynamic in many of his paintings. He painted his parents, siblings and a folk family. They may be found here:


“Family Portrait” can be found here:


Find “Young Mother” here:


Go to these two sites to find out more about William H. Johnson’s family paintings and ways you can use them in class:




There is also a picture book written about Johnson entitled, Lil Sis and Uncle Willie, by Gwen Everett. The cool thing about this book is that it is illustrated with William H. Johnson’s paintings.


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