Earth Day

Possible Classroom Concepts: Science – Ecology

Reuse and Repurpose

Possible Art Room Concepts: Art History

Collage, Sculpture, Kinetic Sculpture

Sorry, I know I promised you April Showers next, but Earth Day crept up on me.

So, I’m doing a short and sweet post on recycling and I’ll do April Showers next.

Artists were recycling and repurposing long before it became necessary or in vogue.

It’s very timely that I talked about Alexander Calder in my last post

because he was one such artist.

In the 1950’s, Calder built a series of bird sculptures out of cans.

“Only Only Bird”

Find the story behind this bird here:

Look here to find “Only Only Bird” lesson ideas:

See more examples of Calder’s tin can birds here:

Find ideas for recycle bird art projects here:

I love this last project the best because it moves like Calder’s work does.

I would make the whole thing out of recycled boxes not just the body.

Enjoy your Earth Day!


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