April Showers

Possible Classroom Concepts: Science – Weather – Rain


Social Studies – The Silk Road

Possible Art Concepts: Art History

Color Wheel, Drawing, Painting, Relief, Pop ups

Educators teach in themes and very often artists are inspired by these very same themes.

Rain is one such theme.  When teaching the characteristics of rain,

why not look at a famous painting in place of textbook photos or illustrations.

For the next few posts, I will be highlighting rain in art.

When thinking about rain, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Umbrellas! Umbrellas! Umbrellas!

Even though umbrellas have been depicted in art work as far back as the Egyptians,

the Chinese are generally recognized as the inventors of the folding umbrella.

Through trade, the idea of an umbrella travelled to



“Sudden Shower Over Shin-Ōhashi Bridge and Atake”  by Hiroshige

and Europe (by way of the Silk Road).

Parisans in the Rain With Umbrellas, Boilly.jpg.

“Parisians in the Rain With Umbrellas” by Louis-Leopold Boilly

As a fashion statement, women in the late 18th Century carried umbrellas or parasols

“Come Rain 


(“Paris Street, Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebotte)

Or Come Shine!”

Woman with a Parasol Monet.jpg.
(“Woman With Parasol” by Claude Monet)

Here are some other famous umbrella paintings of the late18th Century.

The Umbrella Renoir.jpg.
 “The Umbrella” by Claude Auguste Renoir


“Rainy Day in Boston” By Childe Hassam

( Does this look similar to any of the above paintings? A great compare and contrast opportunity!

Caillebotte was a French Impressionist painter. Hassam was an American Impressionist painter who travelled and studied in Europe.)

“Ladies in the Rain” by Maurice Prendergast

Look here for art  project ideas to correlate with a rain unit:




(This last project would coincide perfectly with the Caillebotte and Hassam paintings.)

Next up, “Painting in the Rain!”


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